As life goes on day by day we meet many different people and some we call our friends!
But what makes a friend a true friend in your eyes? Let’s Talk!
I apologize for the late upload, I had technical difficulties!:)

Short Poem: True Friends are there to cheer & congratulate you for your accomplishments! Yet, they are there for you in your moments of despair, failure, & discouragement to listen & comfort you without judgment! True Friends could care less if you are rich or poor, their love for you is genuine & comes from the depths of their heart, spirit & soul. So, they never see Green & Materialistic things, all they see is “You!” The intimate times, talks, fun & laughs, As Way more valuable! True Friends forgive you for your mistakes made, accept you for your many flaws and help you to become better day by day until you break through your “Full Potential Wall!” True Friends have Honor & Respect for you no matter what others think of you because they know the Trueness of Your Heart & The Hidden Spirit of the Authenticity of “You!” True Friends have your back no matter what life brings & always make you smile through the most challenging things. By ADionne Your Dream Pusher You can have all the money, fame, popularity and wealth in the world. But if you don’t have “True Friends” to share it with, your life will be empty and lonely. Remember, money, fame, popularity and wealth can’t win or buy “True Friends!” If you don’t believe me just take a closer look at some of the richest people on the earth and some of the biggest stars in Hollywood!🤔 Love You, ADionne/Livin’😘

Thank You, Cynthia and Tonya, for doing this show with me on the Fly!:)
They say when you’re spontaneous you have the most fun and I really enjoyed every bit of our unplanned connection. That’s how True friends roll!:)
Another special thank you to all my cousins and other true friends for being apart of my life and excepting me for me, flaws and all! I Love Y’all! xoxo

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