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With so much going on in the world today we can easily be distracted from the real important things in our lives. While we can’t control what is going on in the world. We can control what goes on with us as individuals. Our thoughts, mindset, energy, attitudes, etc. At this point, we should be …

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#StayFocus, linktr.ee/chroniclesoflivin The world seems like a bunch of loud noise if you don’t have the strength to control your inner peace! With so many different distractions all at the same time, it is easy to lose focus on what’s really important to you and stay on track to accomplishing your goals. We must take the time to take a …

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Every day we are self-programming ourselves even if we don’t realize it. So the question becomes are you doing it in a positive way or negative? Let’s Talk! If this channel inspired or encouraged you in any way! We appreciate any support you give us to help us to grow!:) For Donations: paypalme/adionneydp Cash App: …

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MilesSpiritual/Intuitive Life Coach and Reiki Energy Healer

Finally the truth about how to be an Entrepreneur, ADionne’s books is a must read if you have ever dreamed of starting a business. April will take you step by step on your journey with no-nonsense, concise solutions. She shares her real-life experience that shows you how to make things happen for yourself in any area of your life.
I am so fortunate to have met ADionne, she has helped me see a side of the business and myself that I didn’t know. She has a no-nonsense approach and she loves helping you get where you need to go. She has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m much the better for it. Thank you, my Soul Sister!

Alexis EmbryFine Food Specialist and Mother of 5

I have learned so much from April- (I call her Liv’) over the years that I have known her. From her teaching me how to channel my emotions and how to trust what I’m capable of. I’ve learned to embrace what’s right before me and strive for more. I can remember when I was looking for a place to live. April didn’t just tell me to claim it, like most people. Instead, she drove me around and told me to pick my house and it’s mine. She has been an inspiration to me, and the inspiration has spread into motherhood for me. Recognizing my worth is hard when you have no support system. Since I’ve known April she has adopted me as her sister and I am more than happy to call her my best friend.

Cynthia McGDiscover Channel Anyalst

Adionne Livin’ Williams, I call her April, my god-sister, I have always admired her growth because she is a “soldier,” for her destiny.
She comes from a certain breed, that has a strong-willed personality and a sense of survivalness. April does not allow grass to grow under her feet, for any circumstances.
This type of person knows what it means to “sacrifice,” or not take on a challenge at all. So, when she started her podcast, “Chronicles of Livin Podcast,” I knew that this was a project that really would mean a great big deal to her.
Because of all of her personal growth, accomplishments, failures for set-ups to comeback; dream pushing would be the result of the seeds that she has planted. Now, this has grown into a platform to help others with their trials, failures, triumphs, and tribulations.
Her listeners should consider themselves very lucky to hear her wisdom, I know I have been blessed to know her, to receive advice and constructive criticisms on my own projects. So, I say, let the universe continue to send her “Dream Pusher Seeds,” to plant, grow, and flourish for others to listen, adhere, be influenced and be encouraged by this woman for many many years to come!

Tonya BaldwinMedical Supervisor

ADionne has shown me that success has many faces and whatever face I choose to be mine, I wear it with pride and believe in what is possible and just move in faith. It was not a surprise to me that she would be a great motivational speaker or teacher. The Chronicles of Livin PodCast Show” is a wonderful resource for positive information and positive vibes. I put aside the fact that she is a personal friend and I focus on the message that I believe that GOD is sending me. I listen to it every morning while I am getting ready for work and I apply what I learn to my everyday life and I have had some great breakthroughs in situations that I thought would never change. My mind and heart are now on a better path than what it was before and I am open to receiving the best that life has to offer me. I am truly inspired to walk in greatness no matter what other people think of me.

“What People See and What God Knows Are Always Going To Be Two Different Things!” TGB
Great Work Adionne!!

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