Transform Your Life

Visionary Dreamer Workbook


Most workbooks are just that, “Work!” Transform Your Life,”  (Visionary Dreamer Workbook) purpose is to help you connect with your higher self, feelings, and thoughts in a positive way. You will gain the ability to dissolve any root issues you may have or blockages in your mindset that keeps you from living the life you desire. This workbook will guide you on a path to “Discover Your Purpose,” by revealing the core of your existence. Learn how to take control of your feelings and emotions in a healthy way.

“Transform Your Life,” is for all individuals who are old enough to complete it. There is no special target market for this life transformational tool that was created for you in the form of an easy, self-reflecting, fun activity workbook book.

This includes:

  • School Students 8 grade and up
  • College Students
  • Parents/Grandparents
  • Single or Married People
  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs/ Employees
  • Military/PoliceandotherProtectiveServicePersonal
  • Incarcerated Community
  • Foreigners, Aliens, etc

“When you know who you are, and your purpose in life, it allows you to value yourself more, thus making you more excited about life.” “Visions come from thoughts, thoughts become actions and actions become results!”

I have learned from my experience, once your feelings and emotions are balanced, it causes an optimistic influence on your thoughts. This allows you to make better decisions and choices for your life.

As a result, you will appreciate yourself and life in its present state while enjoying your journey to your amazing future.

In order to get to that stage in life, you must be willing to do what most people never will and that is facing yourself in the mirror and answering your own why, how, and when questions. Acknowledge your flaws, and let go of habits and attachments that don’t benefit you. You must be willing to face your fears, forgive, and stop living your life for everyone else.

Once you have faced and conquered these things and many others then you can turn your Dreams into Reality and walk in your purpose with joy and success.

“Transforming Your Life,” is a wonderful stand-alone book. Yet if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, business owner, or want to revisit old dreams; I suggest you purchase you invest in yourself and buy all three books.

Lessons I Learned As an Entrepreneur, Transform Your Life and Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal

Thanks in advance for your purchase and support and remember “Sharing is Caring!:)”

I Appreciate and Love You!


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