Lessons I Learned As An Entrepreneur

“Dreams Can Become Reality”


“Lessons I Learned As An Entrepreneur,”  Coming Soon, is dedicated to all visionary and ambitious dreamers, risk-takers, and unshakeable faith, driven spiritual souls. Furthermore, this book is for people who never quit and accept every mistake and failure as an opportunity to grow and learn.

It is the details in the process of your life journey that some of us fail to notice and take for granted. Those missed opportunities, failed relationships and barriers to our attempted victory are our lessons to learn. Yet, we just want to get to the point without over-standing how we made it to the point. Once you can analyze your shortcomings and defeat your paralyzing cycles, you will discover what makes you “Tic”, in other words, think the way you think, act the way you act and move the way you move. Then time will shift more in your favor so you can live out your dreams and walk in your purpose successfully.

A Different Approach

Many books written about entrepreneurship and turning your dreams into reality are usually just motivational. Through the experiences of hardships and many challenges my son and I have faced; I have learned the importance of getting rid of deep-rooted issues and the law of forgiveness. Once you free yourself, you will stop repeating cycles that don’t benefit you, your loved ones or your dreams. In addition, you will know how to identify the right solutions for any obstacles that get in the way of your success path and release them effortlessly. Also, you will connect with your higher self and life purpose in a healthy way.

My goal for this book is not just to share my accomplishments, mistakes, and failures. Additionally, feed you great information for your life and business.

However, it is to help you acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses and inspire you to grow, and strive for positive change to become a better YOU! I invite you to travel this journey of short stories with an open mind for lessons I learned so you can know how to identify your own lessons. Then utilize the wisdom you have gained to transform your life, achieve your dreams and find your purpose!

Although this book is full of intriguing short stories and lessons learned. It is a powerful source to help you keep your mind sharp for “This Game Call Life.” “Lessons I Learned As An Entrepreneur,” is full of resources to create and complete set goals. It is an ultimate roadmap to start your Entrepreneurship journey. This book will inspire you to dust those old “Visions and Dreams” off and go after them with fresh new hope!

Some of the chapters included are:

  • Get Prepared For Your Business (Learn about your business needs)
  • Know Your Talent and Passion (Learn how to identify your talents and gifts)
  • Get Your Body, Mind & Spirit Right (Get wellness resources and tips)
  • Don’t Let Your Past Dictate Your Future  (How-To-Tips Let go of the past, live in the present and embrace the future)
  • How is your personal credit (Credit repair and building resources and tips)
  • Budget Every Dollar You Make(How-To Resources and tips) 
  • Officially Legal (How-To Resources and Tips)
  • and more…

“Lessons I Learned As an Entrepreneur (Your Dreams Can Become Reality) is a wonderful stand-alone book. Yet if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, business owner or want to revisit old dreams; I suggest you purchase you invest in yourself and buy all three books.

Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal,” (Invest In Yourself), Transform Your Life (Visionary Dreamer Workbook) and Lessons I Learned As an Entrepreneur (Your Dreams Can Become Reality) Revised and Extended – Coming Soon!

Thanks in advance for your purchase and support and remember “Sharing is Caring!:)”

I Appreciate and Love You!:)


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