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Greeting my Visionary Dreamers,
If you have reached this website and never purchased my books, listen to my Podcast show (Chronicles of Livin’ Podcast), or know me from the entertainment world, you are probably saying, “Here goes another so-called, “Life Coach!”  Now, that’s where I would stop you and say, “You are dead wrong.”
I was raised in an urban area of Philadelphia, Pa. As a Youth, I lived with my single-mother, cousins, and grandparents. By the age of 29, I had experienced the loss of one boyfriend to a neighborhood shooting, another to a wrongfully accursed jail sentence, one of my best friends to Aids, and became a single mother due to a chaotic failed marriage with my son’s father.I have gained a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience with life, health, wealth, and relationships that money could never pay for! As a result, I decided that through my Books, Podcasts, and Speaking I can reach millions of people and stop them from falling into unnecessary pitfalls, break free of shame, disappointment and unforgiveness. While giving encouragement, and advising them on the many ways you can transform and regenerate your life so the journey to your dream and vision is a joyful one.
We as people can go years without knowing our true purpose in life. Unconsciously, when we are born, we take on the energy of our loved ones and people in our environment. In addition, we take on their thoughts, views about life and how it should be lived. Since, when we are young, we can’t express ourselves verbally, we can only listen and see. As a result, our subconscious becomes a non-participant storage bin filled with other people’s words, verbal thoughts, and reactions. That can replay without our true consent whenever a familiar situation presents itself. Also, we are taught mannerism, how to talk, walk, eat, etc, from the people that raised us.
Now can you see how you can take on thoughts, emotions, and feelings that don’t belong to you? Yet some of us go through life carrying the habits, and sometimes-negative energy of family members and our childhood environment, addictively repeating an undesired cycle. Instead of creating your own lane in this world. We were all born with dreams, visions, imagination, talents, and gifts. Though, some of us weren’t fortunate enough to grow up in a positive environment and maybe you did, but along your journey of life you might have caught a beatdown of some sort that changed your whole perspective and now you are not as enthused as you once were. To avoid dream and vision sabotage, we must first discover who we are and the purpose of our existence.
This is where I step in and help you to boldly face “You.” Through my books, podcast show and speaking events, I advise you on how to look at life from a different angle to find your truth and purpose. This will enable you to kill those deep-rooted issues, and live a life of courage, confidence, and determination. This type of transformation will give you the clarity to walk in your true purpose in life and make your dreams, visions, and goals become reality successfully.
Now that I have finally discovered my calling and purpose in life I plan to help as many people as I can, transform and regenerate their lives as well! Our future relies upon “Visionary Dreamers,” to further advance us for generations to come.

If you like what you see, read and hear from my books, podcast show, and blog, I would love to speak at your event, enter your information below.

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ADionne “Your Dream Pusher”