Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal

Invest In Yourself

The “Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal,” (Invest In Yourself) was created as a companion book to “Lessons I Learned As An Entrepreneur (Your Dreams Can Become Reality)” and “Transform Your Life – Discover Your Purpose (Visionary Dreamer Workbook.)” Yet it was also designed as a great stand-alone book as well.

I have kept a journal since I was a youth and through my journals, I have witnessed my words transfer from paper, into reality on many occasions. Lately, there have been many reports from big celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey and a list of others that have revealed how important journaling has been to their life.

You can use your journal to track and decode repeated dreams, goal setting and write about exciting and happy experiences to look back on. Journals are very therapeutic for some including me. Writing your thoughts out on paper is a form of release. Therefore journaling can be a path towards a natural way of healing ones hurt and pain.

I like to randomly pick out a few of my old journals and read through them a year or two later to check on my progress from one year to another. I also like to read through them to see what goals have I achieved that I can cross off.

A Journal, in short, is a confirmation book that allows you to see how much you have grown from year to year. It acts as a silent form of encouragement, inspiration and motivation wrapped up in a book full of your words.

The “Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal” has 3 months of daily guidance and resources to help you create a blueprint for completing your set goals, dreams and visions in a reflecting and creative way.

“Invest In Yourself,” daily using the Visionary Dreamer 90-Journal and see for yourself just how much Journaling can “Transform Your Life!”

“Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal,” (Invest In Yourself) is a wonderful stand-alone book. Yet if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, business owner or want to revisit old dreams; I suggest you purchase and invest in yourself and buy all three books.

Visionary Dreamer 90-Day Journal, Transform Your Life and Lessons I Learned As an Entrepreneur 

Thanks in advance for your purchase and support and remember “Sharing is Caring!:)”

I Appreciate and Love You!:)


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