Cynthia McG

Discovery Channel Analyst-

Adionne Livin’ Williams, I call her April, my god-sister, I have always admired her growth because she is a “soldier,” for her destiny.
She comes from a certain breed, that has a strong-willed personality and a sense of survivalness. April does not allow grass to grow under her feet, for any circumstances.
This type of person knows what it means to “sacrifice,” or not take on a challenge at all. So, when she started her podcast, “Chronicles of Livin Podcast,” I knew that this was a project that really would mean a great big deal to her.
Because of all of her personal growth, accomplishments, failures for set-ups to comeback; dream pushing would be the result of the seeds that she has planted. Now, this has grown into a platform to help others with their trials, failures, triumphs, and tribulations.
Her listeners should consider themselves very lucky to hear her wisdom, I know I have been blessed to know her, to receive advice and constructive criticisms on my own projects. So, I say, let the universe continue to send her “Dream Pusher Seeds,” to plant, grow, and flourish for others to listen, adhere, be influenced and be encouraged by this woman for many many years to come!

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